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fx-CG Manager PLUS Subscription

  • Version 3.00 [fx-CG50 / GRAPH90+ E]
  • Version 2.02.0010 [fx-CG10/20/20CN]
fx-CG Manager PLUS Subscription

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Software of
fx-CG Manager PLUS

PC software that has the same operating look and feel as the fx-CG Series.

fx-CG Manager PLUS Subscription

  • <CARD>
    1 year License
    • FA-CG1SA
    • FA-CG1SB
    • FA-CG1SC
    • FA-CG1SD
  • <Online>
    1 year License
    • FA-CG1-W1A
    • FA-CG1-W1B
    • FA-CG1-W1C
    • FA-CG1-W1D
  • <Online>
    3 years License
    • FA-CG1-W3A
    • FA-CG1-W3B
    • FA-CG1-W3C
    • FA-CG1-W3D

fx-CG Manager PLUS

fx-CG Manager PLUS is a software program that emulates the operation of Graphing calculator. This enables teachers to prepare teaching materials (Activities) and present them in the classroom using a projector (Workshops).

  • Workshop

  • Activity

Compatible models

fx-CG Manager PLUS Subscription [fx-CG50 / GRAPH90+ E] for Windows

  • fx-CG50
  • GRAPH90+ E

fx-CG Manager PLUS Subscription [fx-CG10/20/20CN] for Windows / Mac

  • fx-CG10
  • fx-CG20
  • fx-CG20CN (Windows Only)


1fx-CG50/CG20 Series Calculator Emulation

You can operate fx-CG50/CG20 on your computer.
Operations are the same as when using physical fx-CG50/CG20.
You can do it in the classroom using a Projector or when preparing teaching materials.

2Changing the Size of the Emulator

You can change the display size.
Students can easily see the display even from the back of the classroom.

3Key-Log Editor

You can record emulator key operation using Key-Log.
Keys appear in the sequence you press them.
It is very helpful tool for teaching your students how to use Emulator.

It is available to record key operations, edit Key-Log records and play back (Auto, Manual playback) saved Key-Log records.

4Copy and Paste

You can copy an image of the screen into another Windows applications.
It is extremely useful for the preparation of teaching materials.

5Strong support for educational-material preparation and the teaching process

Provides strong support to teachers with many of the functions most appropriate and needed for educational-material preparation and the teaching process, including functions such as screen capture.

6Support Microsoft® Excel® formula

Support copy and paste between an emulator spreadsheet and Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet running on your computer.

7Always indicates when there is a new OS

Each time the software is activated, it automatically checks the Web and indicates when there is a new OS.

Licensing Options

FA-CG1SA (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-CG1SB (10 Licenses)
FA-CG1SC (30 Licenses)
FA-CG1SD (100 Licenses)

FA-CG1-W1A (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-CG1-W1B (10 Licenses)
FA-CG1-W1C (30 Licenses)
FA-CG1-W1D (100 Licenses)
FA-CG1-W3A (Single License) License expiration period: 3 years
FA-CG1-W3B (10 Licenses)
FA-CG1-W3C (30 Licenses)
FA-CG1-W3D (100 Licenses)

System Requirements

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PLUS Subscription

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