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fx-Manager PLUS Subscription

fx-Manager PLUS Subscription

Software of
fx-Manager PLUS

PC software that has the same operating look and Feel as the fx-9860GII Series

fx-Manager PLUS Subscription

  • <CARD>
    1 year License
    • FA-9860SA
    • FA-9860SB
    • FA-9860SC
    • FA-9860SD
  • <Online>
    1 year License
    • FA-9860-W1A
    • FA-9860-W1B
    • FA-9860-W1C
    • FA-9860-W1D
  • <Online>
    3 years License
    • FA-9860-W3A
    • FA-9860-W3B
    • FA-9860-W3C
    • FA-9860-W3D

Compatible models

fx-Manager PLUS Subscription software is available for the following each model on the 90-day Trial page.

  • fx-9860GII
  • GRAPH75+ E
  • fx-9750GII
  • GRAPH35+ E


1Strong support for educational-material preparation and the teaching process

Provides strong support to teachers with many of the functions most appropriate and needed for educational-material preparation and the teaching process, including functions such as screen capture.

2Support Microsoft® Excel® formula.

Support copy and paste between an emulator spreadsheet and Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet running on your computer.

Licensing Options

FA-9860SA (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-9860SB (10 Licenses)
FA-9860SC (30 Licenses)
FA-9860SD (100 Licenses)

FA-9860-W1A (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-9860-W1B (10 Licenses)
FA-9860-W1C (30 Licenses)
FA-9860-W1D (100 Licenses)
FA-9860-W3A (Single License) License expiration period: 3 years
FA-9860-W3B (10 Licenses)
FA-9860-W3C (30 Licenses)
FA-9860-W3D (100 Licenses)

System Requirements

Download of fx-Manager
PLUS Subscription

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