OH-ALGEBRA FX2.0 set [ Calculator Peripherals ]
Close up
OH-ALGEBRA FX2.0 set is same specification as ALGEBRA FX2.0 PLUS CFX-9860GC PLUS.
It is possible to project to OHP by forwarding the screen of OH-9000 set to OHP Projection Unit(OH-15).
Power Supply
  • • Four AAA-size batteries LR03(AM4) or R03(UM-4)
Auto Power Off
  • • Power is automatically turned off approximately 6 or 60 minutes after last operation.
-Remote Control Unit :OH-ALGEBRA FX2.0 -OHP Projection Unit: OH-15 -CD-ROM -PC Link cable: SB-88   -3-pin cable: SB-62 -AC adaptor: AD-A60050 with AC Plug (Europe/ UK/ Australia) -Carrying case -Four AAA-size Batteries R03 (UM-4)