fx-9860G Slim
Lightweight, compact, stylish Advanced scientific calculations in the palm of your hand.
•Onboard Function Manual
You can use the catalog function to display the command onboard function manual. The onboard function manual includes an explanation of the command, syntax information, One or more examples of how to use the command, and the function key sequence.
•Syntax Help
When you input a command, syntax help of the command will appear on the screen.*Syntax help appears in the RUN-MAT mode(for the arithmetic calculation mode only), the PRGM mode, and the STAT mode.
•eActivity Guide
eActivity Guide is a function that helps you navigate through scientific function calculation operations.You can perform calculations simply by following the instructions that appear on the display.
1. Running a guide
Running a guide will sequentially display key operations and comments.
The students can become familiar with calculator operations simply by performing input as instructed.
*Select the strip and then press [EXE].
Press the key indicated by the key indicator that appears in the upper or lower right corner of the screen.
2. Creating a guide
Key operations are recorded in each eActivity strip. You can also add comments about key operations.
**fx-9860G Slim is equipped with the same features of fx-9860G. See here.