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Important update OS Version 3.04.5000 for ClassPad330
Download handheld OS update tool/ ClassPad Manager update tool
Update tools for these models have been made available. Please download the latest version and update the current operating system of the ClassPad330 and ClassPad Manager with the new one. Please click the button below to get the software.
Update to Version 3.04.5000
How to update of your Handheld OS or ClassPad Manager to Ver.3.04.5000
Unzip the downloaded file
ClassPad Manager professional:
ClassPad Manager basic:
Double-click unzipped file.
**ClassPad330: Refer to the OS Update Application User’s Guide for more information.
Information for
*ClassPad330 OS 3.04 owners (Include users who have updated OS to Ver. 3.04.3000 or Ver. 3.04.4000)
*ClassPad Manager owners who have updated to Ver. 3.04.3000 or Ver. 3.04.4000.

**Click here to get version information.
In the Program Editor, when Compress is selected a backup file is not created although the ClassPad will ask for the name of the backup file.
When the eActivity application is still active and the ClassPad goes into Power Save mode, system variables from eActivity may overwrite common system variables.
Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this problem may have caused customers, and rest assured that we are constantly striving to provide quality products that meet the calculator needs of people the world over.
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