CASIO Education Statement

Boost your Curiosity

Support learning and boost your curiosity towards learning

The origin of learning is curiosity. From curiosity comes interest.
We believe that these are important factors to enrich your life.

Curiosity makes you want to learn more.
By taking action to learn,
reaching a conclusion,
learning something new and using that knowledge,
new curiosity is formed.

We believe this “chain of curiosity”
is what makes learning enjoyable.

However, it can be difficult
to keep the chain going on your own.
We are aiming for a world
where anyone can find learning enjoyable
by boosting the source of learning: curiosity.

History of CASIO's Education Business

At CASIO, we aim to contribute to society by developing products that the world has yet to see, under our corporate creed of “creativity and contribution”.

We apply this same thinking to our education business,
where we have been supporting people's learning
through digitizing things universal,
such as numbers and words.

CASIO and the Place of Learning

CASIO defines the relation between us and those who are involved in education as “place of learning”.

In the place of learning, we at CASIO put ourselves in your shoes, whether you are learning now or will be in the future, and develop products based on unique technology with a strong sense of purpose and original ideas.

We will connect all those who are involved in education by developing products and services that stimulate the place of learning.