What is GAKUHAN?

For a better education and learning environment

Every year, twenty-five million new students in secondary schools around the world are introduced to CASIO's scientific calculators. Using a scientific calculator to improve problem-solving skills seems to be fast becoming a standard way of learning.

At CASIO, selling calculators is not our only goal. We actively support teachers and students who utilize them, so that they can achieve better mathematical education using a scientific calculator; We call this "GAKUHAN".

Specifically, our main GAKUHAN activities are as follows:

  • Construction of a training system that allows all teachers to train using a scientific calculator
  • Creation of materials that support teachers to teach mathematics using a scientific calculator
  • Pilot project to realize improvement of students’ mathematics ability through use of scientific calculator

CASIO is the only company undertaking GAKUHAN around the world with scientific calculators.
Together with GAKUHAN coordinators and collaborative teachers, we constantly work to develop GAKUHAN in many countries.
For example, we hold seminars called Skill up Seminar every 6 months. We invite GAKUHAN coordinators and collaborative teachers of major countries to discuss how to improve mathematics using scientific calculators.

CASIO's mission is to support the teachers make better classes using a scientific calculator. By supporting the teachers, we would like to foster human resources that governments need, and to make children's dreams come true, such as: entering a university, becoming a doctor, or becoming a teacher.

We hope math teachers join in CASIO's GAKUHAN activities, get trained and utilize the teaching materials.

We hope to build GAKUHAN with you, expand the network of teachers who can train teachers or develop teaching materials in order to create better teaching and learning environment.

Noboru Hoshi

GAKUHAN Planning Manager