ClassWiz Emulator Subscription

ClassWiz Emulator Subscription

for ClassWiz Series

Supported for Windows

ClassWiz Emulator is an emulator of ClassWiz series, ideal for preparing teaching materials and presenting in the classroom.

OS Update Information
Click here to check the latest OS Version 2.01.0020
Network License supported

Compatible models
fx-92+ Spéciale Collège, fx-92B Spéciale Collège
fx-87DE X, fx-82EX_85EX_350EX, fx-570EX_991EX, fx-991DE X
fx-82SP X/X II_85SP X II_350SP X/X II , fx-570SP X/X II_991SP X/X II, fx-82AR X, fx-95AR X, fx-570AR X_991AR X
fx-82LA X_350LA X, fx-570LA X_991LA X
fx-82CE X_85CE X_350CE X, fx-991CE X
fx-97SG X, fx-580VN X
fx-83GT X_85GT X
fx-82/350CN X
fx-991CN X
fx-82DE X
fx-991RS X


Emulator function

ClassWiz Emulator is software (Emulator) that emulates operation of scientific calculator ClassWiz series on your computer.

  • Workshop

  • Activity

This software has almost same functions and operation as hand-held scientific calculator ClassWiz series.

This software enables teachers to prepare teaching materials (Activities) and present them in the classroom using a projector (Workshops).

1 Emulator function for workshop

Resizable Window

You can change the display size.
Students can easily see the display even from the back of the classroom.

2 Emulator function for materials

Copy and Paste

You can copy an image of the screen into another applications.
It is extremely useful for the preparation of teaching materials.

  • 1Copies the selected keys
  • 2Selects all keys
  • 3Clears all of the keys from the window
  • 4Increases font size
  • 5Decreases font size

3 Auto Notification of Update

Always indicates when there is a new OS

Each time the software is activated, it automatically checks the Web and indicates when there is a new OS.

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Licensing Options

- Standalone License -

A license granted to a single computer.

FA-CW1SA (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-CW1SB (10 Licenses)
FA-CW1SC (30 Licenses)
FA-CW1SD (100 Licenses)
FA-CW1-W1A (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-CW1-W1B (10 Licenses)
FA-CW1-W1C (30 Licenses)
FA-CW1-W1D (100 Licenses)

- Network License -

A license granted to a license server on a network.

FA-CW1-W1I (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-CW1-W1J (5 Licenses)
FA-CW1-W1K (10 Licenses)
FA-CW1-W1L (30 Licenses)
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System Requirements