ClassPad Manager Subscription

ClassPad Manager Subscription

for ClassPad II Series

Supported for Windows and Mac

ClassPad Manager is an emulator of fx-CP400/fx-CG500, ideal for preparing teaching materials and presenting in the classroom.

OS Update Information
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Version 2.01.7000 [fx-CP400]/ Version 2.01.6301 [fx-CG500] for Windows
Version 2.01.6001 [fx-CP400]/ Version 2.01.6301 [fx-CG500] for Mac
Network License supported

Compatible models
fx-CP400, fx-CG500


Emulator function

ClassPad Manager is software (Emulator) that emulates operation of graphing calculator fx-CP400/fx-CG500 on your computer.

  • Workshop

  • Activity

This software has almost same functions and operation as hand-held graphing calculator fx-CP400/fx-CG500.

This software enables teachers to prepare teaching materials (Activities) and present them in the classroom using a projector (Workshops).

  • Fixed-size Mode

  • LCD Window

1 Emulator function for workshop

Resizable Window

You can change the display size.
Students can easily see the display even from the back of the classroom.

2 Emulator function for materials

Copy and Paste

You can copy an image of the screen into another applications.
It is extremely useful for the preparation of teaching materials.


3 Auto Notification of Update

Always indicates when there is a new OS

Each time the software is activated, it automatically checks the Web and indicates when there is a new OS.

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Licensing Options

- Standalone License -

A license granted to a single computer.

FA-CP400SA (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-CP400SB (10 Licenses)
FA-CP400SC (30 Licenses)
FA-CP400SD (100 Licenses)
FA-CP400-W1A (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-CP400-W1B (10 Licenses)
FA-CP400-W1C (30 Licenses)
FA-CP400-W1D (100 Licenses)

- Network License -

A license granted to a license server on a network.

FA-CP400-W1I (Single License) License expiration period: 1 year
FA-CP400-W1J (5 Licenses)
FA-CP400-W1K (10 Licenses)
FA-CP400-W1L (30 Licenses)
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System Requirements