EA-200 will provide an optimum environment for an experimental class.


By taking in sounds abundant around us as it is and by graphing or putting out from a speaker the data of the measured sounds, it is possible for students to experience and learn the characteristics of the sounds through their eyes and ears.

Group Link

Provides a system in an experimental class required for a group of three or four students to think individually and arrive at the correct conclusion after much trial and error.

Easy operation

Measurement can be conducted easily only by specifying a Probe and the total time for measurement using the Wizard function of E-CON2, which is Control Software for EA-200 and running on the graphic calculator (ALGEBRA FX 2.0 Series/ FX 1.0 Series.)

Analysis of the graph of the measured data

The measured data obtained from an experiment using EA-200 can be graphed. An analysis can be easily conducted using Quick Zoom & Scroll.

Various Probes are available for various classes

Various sensors can be connected to the Casio EA-200 Data Analyzer for experiments in classes of mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, biology, environmental research, and so on. With the help of the E-CON, you can easily perform the troublesome setup for each sensor