The Perfect Math Learning Tool With Approachable and Intuitive New Design

The new ClassWiz CW Series is designed for the teaching and studying of today. With its new design and key placement, it can be used by anyone. Includes MathBox, a fun math learning feature. Links up with ClassPad.net to support ICT classes. These features help to boost students' curiosity toward math learning.


1 Approchable Design

The new display and key layout of the ClassWiz CW Series offer intuitive operability, making it easier for students to learn and teachers to teach.

High-definition & 4-gradation displayNEW

The new four-tone screen brings gray into the equation, so you can easily tell which part is being entered.

  • ClassWiz EX Series

  • ClassWiz CW Series

Simple Cursor Operation and LayoutNEW

New 'OK' and 'Back' keys are added to a streamlined layout that places frequently used keys close to each other, for easy operation with minimal confusion.


Easy-Push KeysNEW

The convex and rounded key faces make them easy to push evenly from any angle.

Easy-to-Understand Key LabelingNEW

The printed labeling around the keys have been simplified, making it easier to locate your most-used keys.

  • ClassWiz EX Series

  • ClassWiz CW Series

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2 Easy and Intuitive operability

Intuitive and interactive operation makes it easy to use the features of ClassWiz.
By the use of icons, selection of the desired function is quick and easy.
Visual, interactive and textbook-based displays make operation easier for teaching the use of scientific calculators, so you can concentrate on teaching mathematics.

Natural Textbook Display Models

Input and display fractions, powers, Iogarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbols just as they appear in textbooks.

  • MS Series

  • ClassWiz Series

Interactive, easy-to-learn icon display

The use of icons on the menu screen improves viewability. Selection of the desired function is quick and easy.
The ClassWiz CW Series shows icons and app names together, making it even easier to select them from the menu.

  • ES PLUS Series

  • ClassWiz EX Series

  • ClassWiz CW Series

Detailed Lists on a High-Resolution LCD Display

Variables and statistical calculation results stored in memory can be displayes in lists.


  • Variable list

  • Statistical Calculation results

High-speed calculation

Like the ClassWiz EX Series, it offers fast calculation for smooth performance in class or during examinations.
*Functions for which specific models are not indicated are available in all models.

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3 Variety of Functions and Features

A wide range of essential functions are effective for education and available to support student's learning.

Calculator Apps with a Range of Useful Features

It is easy to select calculator app from the HOME screen that is suitable for the type of calculation you want to perform.

Installed Calculator App List


Perform general computations using Natural Textbook Display notation, including absolute value, logs of any base, summation, derivatives, and integrals.


Calculate one-variable statistics (such as sum, mean, max or quartile), and apply linear, quadratic, logarithmic, exponential, and geometric (power) regressions.


Investigate Normal, Inverse Normal, Binomial, and Poisson probability and cumulative distributions.


Create spreadsheets with up to 5 columns and 45 rows. Spreadsheet supports Fill, Cut/Copy/Paste, recursive formulas, Mean, and Sum commands


Generates numeric table based on one or two functions


Solve simultaneous (systems of) equations with up to 4 unknowns and polynomials of up to degree 4, and find maximum and minimum values in quadratic and cubic equations.


Solve polynomial inequalities of up to degree 4, with the solution set expressed as a compound inequality


Perform computations with complex numbers, including a + bi form, polar form, and conversions between the two


Perform binary, octal, and hexadecimal computations, and convert among those number bases and base-10.


Perform operations on matrices up to 4x4, including matrix arithmetic, determinants, transpositions, and identity matrice.


Perform operations on 2- and 3-dimensional vectors, including vector arithmetic, dot products, angles, and unit vectors


Solve proportions of the form A : B = X : D and A : B = C : X

Math box

Apply math to everyday scenarios and learn probability the fun way, with dice roll and coin toss simulations.

Variable memory
  • Variable List

  • Editing on the variable list

  • In the Calculate app

  • In the equation app

You can store values to variables and use the variables in calculations. Pressing [variable] displays a screen that shows the values currently stored to variables A, B, C, D, E, F, x, y and z.

Function memory
  • In the calculator app

  • In the equation app

You can store functions to f(x) and g(x) memory. Pressing [f(x)] displays a menu for defining functions and call f(x) or g(x) memory to apps.

  • Categories

  • Functions

Catalog menu shows categories of the commands, functions and symbols in accordance with the calculator app you are currently using and the current status (displayed screen or current settings) of the app.

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4 Inspire Students to Learn

ClassWiz is more than just a calculation tool — it's packed with features designed to deepen students' understanding of mathematical concepts.
Math Box and Spreadsheet help students enjoy learning math.

Math boxNEW

Dice rolls and coin toss simulations are useful for teaching probability, and they offer a fun way of learning with a scientific calculator based on real-life situations.
Each turn produces random results, which then provokes discussion among students.

Dice Roll

Up to 250 rolls can be simulated for 1 to 3 dice.

Coin Toss

Up to 250 tosses can be simulated for 1 to 3 coins.


The spreadsheet functions is useful for learning statistics, recursive formulas and various mathematics concepts.
Student can use easily real-world data even in the classroom and study statistical processing more effectively.


The spreadsheet functions makes it possible to enter recursive formulas.

Sequence: a1=2 and an+1 -2an-3 (n=1, 2, 3 ...)

a1-2, a2=1, a3=-1, a4=-5, a5=-13

Riemann Integral

Calculation using advanced Riemann functions is also possible.

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5 Integration with Casio's Online Visualization Service

Compatibility with ClassPad.net, a convenient online service for classrooms equipped with ICT tools, has been enhanced.
The service can be accessed by scanning QR codes displayed on the calculator screen.

Disply graphs on your smart device

Generate QR codes of equations input into the calculator by a simple operation.
Graphs and other information can be displayed on smartphone or tablet screen.

Visualization with graphs

  • Input data

  • Generate & scan QR code

  • Graph on smart device

    Makes formulas visually understandable

  • Analyze graph

    Classpad.net allows you to display graphs and perform various visual analyses.NEW

Quick user manual call-up

Instruction manuals for each function can be accessed via QR codes, so you can quickly search for relevant information when needed.

  • Display the menu

  • QR code

  • Display the manual

    Makes learning to operate the calculator fast and easy

Please see the website in detail

QR code portal site
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6 Quality Authentic quality

Excellent quality and authentication ensure confidence and peace of mind for use in educational setting.

Authenticity Check

Many fake CASIO scientific calculator are seen all over the world, so we provide authenticity check methods using QR code.
It is possible to check authenticity before and after purchase. Check details

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