fx-9860G SD / fx-9860G [ Graphic Models ]
An innovate approach for the
math & science class environment
A large capacity 1.5MB Flash Memory
With an ample 1.5MB Flash Memory, various data and applications can be downloaded and stored without worrying about memory capacity.
Ready-to-use USB functions
Since USB cable, unit-to-unit cable and Program-Link Software are included in the package, high-speed data communication between PC and the unit, or unit-to-unit data communication and program exchange can be performed immediately from the day of purchase.
SD Card Slot(SD model only)
The fx-9860G SD is equipped with a SD card slot which allows easy data exchange.
Hardware features
High-resolution LCD
fx-9860G series The large-sized 64 x 128 dot display.
fx-9750G PLUS
The fx-9860G series features a sharp, crisp display of the high-resolution LCD with enlarged dot-area, assuring larger and even sharper images of formulas, graphs and graphics. The clear, eye-friendly, large-sized 64 x 128 dot display improves the efficiency of study.
High-speed CPU
By employing high-performance, high-speed CPU, the fx-9860G series remarkably accelerated the processing speed. The speed is approximately three to five times faster than previous models (CFX-9850G / fx-9750G Series). The speed is approximately three to five times faster than conventional models. Processes and plots in high-speed sophisticated calculations and graphics without stress, greatly increases the efficiency of both operation and learning.
Software features
Natural Input Display
Just like writing in a notebook, fractions, roots, powers and integrals can be input and displayed as written in the textbook. In this way, the Natural Input Display deepens the understandings of the student. Also, it displays the result of the fraction calculation as it is shown in the textbook.
This unit is equipped with the popular eActivity function of the ClassPad 300. The innovative eActivity functions of the fx-9860G series allow the students, not to mention teachers, to create
their own problems or study materials. With this function, students can learn at their own pace and study more efficiently at school or at home. By making full use of the superb features of the eActivity function, motivation for learning and understanding can be greatly improved.
Built-in Software
Table calculations come easy with the built-in Spreadsheet function
Since the multi-function Spreadsheet even includes a built-in Graphing Function, it can be used effectively for exercises in table calculation lessons.
Other Functions
Icon menu
Inequality graph
Dynamic graph
Integration graph
Dual graph
Conic section graph
List-based statistics
Store a list of values in memory for use when performing function and statistical calculations, when drawing graphs, or when generating tables of numeric values.
Advanced statistics
1-sample t-test graphing
Tests, confidence interval, probability distribution, and other calculations and graphing.
Financial function
• Simple interest   • Compound interest   • Investment appraisal (Cash flow)   • Amortization   • Interest rate conversion (annual percentage rate and effective interest rate)   • Cost, selling price, margin   • Day/date calculations
Compound interest graphing
OH-9860 activates class activity
By connecting the fx-9860G SD or fx-9860G to the optional OHP unit with a USB cable, you can project the displayed contents of the fx-unit on the screen.
With this function, each student can make a presentation in the class or teachers can use it as a powerful tool for teaching. Thus, the application of the unit broadens, class activities will be activated, and the efficiency of learning and the Student's understanding will be improved.
fx-9860G SD / fx-9860G Specifications
·Angle unit (Deg, Rad, Gra) ·Trigonometric functions, Inverse trigonometric functions ·Hyperbolic function, Inverse hyperbolic functions ·Exponent functions, Logarithmic functions ·Power functions (Square root, Cubic root, Square, Cubic, Power) ·Coordinate transformation (Pol, Rec) ·Combination/Permutation ·Factorial function, Inverse function, Random number, Fraction functions ·SexagesimalDecimal conversion
·Matrix functions ·Complex number calculations ·Base-n calculations/conversions ·List data calculations
·Rectangular coordinates graphing, Polar coordinates graphing ·Parametric function graphing, Inequality graphing ·Trace, Zoom (Box zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Auto zoom) ·Graph and Table applications ·Dual Graph functions (Graph and Graph, Graph and Table) ·Sketch (Tangent line, Normal line, Inverse function) ·Solve functions (Root, Minimum, Maximum, Intersection, Integration) ·Dynamic graph application ·Conics graph application ·Recursion application
·Derivatives, second derivatives, integrations ·Sigma function
·List-based one- and two-variable statistical analysis ·Statistic regression calculations ·Statistical plot (Scatter Plot, xyLine, Normal Probability Plot, Histogram, Box Plot)
·Statistical regression graphs (Linear, Med-Med, Quadratic, Cubic, Quart, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power, Sinusoidal, Logistic regression) ·Advanced statistical calculations (Tests (Z-test, t-test, Chi square test, F-test, ANOVA), Intervals (Z-interval, t-interval), Distributions)
·Create eActivity, Exploring (Performing) eActivity
·Natural format input of equation ·Calculation history ·Spreadsheet and Statistical plot ·Numeric equation solver, Simultaneous equations, Polynomial equation
·Financial calculations ·Programming functions ·Icon menu, Full screen display/Split screen display
·SD card slot (fx-9860G SD only) ·Data communication ·Mantissa+exponent: 10+2 ·User's memory: 64000 bytes, User's Storage memory: 1.5 M bytes
·Dimensions: 24.0(H) x 92.5(W) x 184.5(D) mm ·Approximate weight: 265 g (fx-9860G SD), 260 g (fx-9860G) ·Battery type: Four AAA-size batteries
·Battery life: Approx. 220 hours continuous operation (assuming 5 minutes calculation and 55 minutes display per hour) ·Display type: 64 x 128-dot display (LCD)
·User-available RAM: 64000 bytes ·User-available Flash ROM (Add-in area): 1.5 M bytes ·Data communication (via USB and 3-pin cables)
·USB cable for connecting with PC ·SD card: For fx-9860G SD model only. Applies up to 1 G bytes.