Authenticity Check

Description of the Web Authenticity Check System

This system is a service that checks the authenticity of a product by reading a QR Code* on a hologram sticker affixed to the product.

Flow of the Web Authenticity Check

A hologram sticker is affixed to the package.
Check the characteristics of the hologram sticker below.
Read the QR Code section of the hologram sticker affixed to the package with your smartphone.
Go to the QR Code link. One of the three pages below will appear:

Likely to be a genuine product.

May not be a genuine product.

Is not a genuine product. Please do not purchase it.


The Web Authenticity Check estimates the authenticity of the hologram sticker based on trends of the read status of the QR Code.
This check does not necessarily guarantee that the product is genuine.

Hologram sticker characteristics

A QR Code and a sticker printed with a hologram as shown below are affixed on the product package.


This differs from the actual color because shades of color vary depending on the way the light hits. The hologram sticker has the following characteristics that make it difficult to copy.

When the sticker is tilted to the left and the right, the color changes.
When the sticker is rotated, the shading is reversed.

Product characteristics

To read more about the characteristics of each product, please go to its product page. 

* QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan and in other countries.