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Software License


Software License

The CASIO software has the identical functionality that corresponds to its popular school calculators and is very well suited for computer assisted learning, answering digital exams and lesson preparation for teacher instruction.
By renewing the valid term of the subscription series, you may prolong the usage of software by 1 or 3 years depending on the purchased license form.

Free Trial Version

The valid term of the free trial version is 90 days.
Use download links also for software updates.


  • New software activation

    To activate free trial software, it is necessary to acquire the License Code and input it where instructed

  • Software activation renewal

    To update the effective term of the activated software, it is necessary to re-acquire the License Code and input it where instructed.

There are two ways to acquire a License Code.

  • You can purchase the License Code online
  • You can secure the License Code from the Claim Code or Install Key attached to the CD-ROM

[Compatible CD-ROM]
ClassPad Manager for ClassPad II Series for Windows®
fx-CG Manager PLUS for Windows® / Mac OS
fx-Manager PLUS for Windows®