Network License

Activation Method

There are two systems to activate licenses, as described below.

Network License

  • With the Network License method, a license server monitors the number of clients that can run the software, rather than a license being obtained for each client.
    The PC that manages all of the licenses is known as the license server, and the PCs that use the calculator software are known as the clients.
    This page explains Network Licenses.

Standalone License

  • Standalone Licenses are licenses that are granted to individual PCs. For Standalone Licenses, simply activate the calculator software by entering the License Code.
    Please see here for more details about Standalone Licenses.

Network License Management Software

Network License Management Software Download

Please download the Network License management software via the link below.

*All types of calculator software licenses can be managed simultaneously on the same copy of the Network License management software.

    • CASIO Network License Server v1.03.0001 for Windows®

    • Sentinel RMS License Manager v9.7.2

Network License Management Software System Requirements

■CASIO Network License Server

Please see here for more details.

■ Sentinel RMS License Manager

Please see here for more details.

Network License Management Software Installation

Installation of the following two software applications is required to run a PC as a license server.

  • CASIO Network License Server
  • Sentinel RMS License Manager

After decompressing the downloaded files, please run Install.bat.
You can install both pieces of software simultaneously.

Client Software

Client software is the same as the calculator software used as standalone software.
Please download from the link below.

Purchase a Network License
(requires a license server)

Network License is usually purchased for the student by the city or by the school. Using the Network License on a single computer is not possible without a connection to the school’s network license server.
In case you’re looking for a Standalone License to activate Casio calculator software on your computer, please click here.
If you know that your school is using a network license server to manage Network License and you know the IP address of the network license server, you may purchase a Network License by following the link below:

Network License Activation

In order to use a Network License, you will need to perform activation on the client once you have carried out license server activation.
Please see the Instruction Manual for more details.


Using a Specific Number of Licenses

By combining multiple numbers of licenses, you can use the exact number of software installations that you require.

For example, if you would like to use 37 licenses, activate the following.

  • Three lots of ten licenses
  • One lot of five licenses
  • Two lots of one license

How to Extend the License Period

You cannot add remaining days from a Network License to a new license to extend the validity period.
When the license is close to expiration, please carry out activation with a new license.