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July 7th to 14th,2024


ICME is an international mathematical congress held every four years, scheduled to take place from July 7th to 14th, 2024, in Sydney, Australia. Casio Institute for Educational Development will participate as a Gold Sponsor, showcasing under the theme: "Current Status and Future Prospects of Casio's Educational Support Boosting Students' Curiosity."

About us

Casio Institute for Educational Development is an in-house organization that was re-established in May 2023 to strengthen support in the field of education in response to the increase in activities related to educators by developing in addition to scientific calculators and electronic dictionaries in CASIO's education business.


Support “learning” and
boost your “curiosity” towards learning

The origin of learning is curiosity. From curiosity comes interest.
We believe that these are important factors to enrich your life.


Rapidly redefining expectations to bring life to places of learning

Person who

Encouraging continued curiosity. Optimization of educational tools according to changing ways of learning.

Person who
teaches how
to learn

We incorporate educators’ opinions and collaborate with them, engaging in activities that educators will find useful.

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To increase curiosity. Developing the required learning by working together with educators around the world.


Casio promotes educational support activities
that are linked to a bright future for children.


Developing a Scientific Calculator That Is Easier for Everyone to Use

Project member for planning and development of the ClassWiz CW series

Miki Suzuki

Challenging ourselves to meet the demands of the future

Product strategy manager for

Hiroshi Uejima

Teaching materials

Check out this extensive collection of support materials for teachers and students, including instructions in the effective use of scientific calculators for educational purposes.

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