CASIO ClassWiz Calc App

CASIO ClassWiz Calc App

for Android OS
for iOS

App with functions of ClassWiz series operated on mobile devices.


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  • In-App Purchases

General features

1 Equipped with the same operability and powerful functions of the handheld ClassWiz series.

It comes equipped to perform basic calculations, numeric table, statistics calculations, solving various type of equations, matrix calculations, probability distribution calculations, etc. It has a user interface in the style of handheld ClassWiz series, scientific calculator used in classroom worldwide.

2 Also supports online services

Connection to online services available for ClassWiz series can also be used with this app. This service allows you to visualize numeric tables and statistical data with graphs.

3 Comparison App with handhelds

ClassWiz handhelds are more comfortable to operate than the ClassWiz Calc App. Handhelds are recommended for long hours of learning due to features such as memory retention.

  ClassWiz Calc App ClassWiz Handheld
* Key size, Input speed
Good Better
Advertisements Yes No
Memory retention * No Yes
Hold settings * No Yes
Network connection Needed Do not Need
* Example of memory retention

ClassWiz Calc App
* Example of memory retention

ClassWiz Handheld
* Example of memory retention

Why we developed this App

Since many students are forced to study at home due to COVID-19, CASIO have provided remote learning support.
We would like you to understand the effectiveness of learning with scientific calculators, so we developed a free app for ClassWiz series.