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CASIO ClassPad

CASIO ClassPad is a CASIO calculator app equipped with many powerful functions for the study of mathematics.
It comes equipped to perform complex calculations, draw graphs, and to use a computer algebra system (CAS) to investigate mathematics and solve problems.
It has a user interface in the style of the handheld ClassPad, a tool used in classrooms worldwide.
A monthly subscription fee is required in order to enable full use of all CASIO ClassPad functionality.
See here for further details (English).

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*The latest software version is Version 1.00.
*This app is not available in Australia.

Monthly Subscription

Obtaining a monthly subscription allows you to use all of the app's functions.
Click here to compare the free and subscription versions of the app. (English)

How to subscribe for a monthly subscription

You can subscribe for a monthly subscription by selecting Subscription/Membership from within the Information menu inside the app.

CASIO ClassPad App Start Up Screen
  • Tap the Information icon.
  • Tap Membership.


Check App Store or Google Play for monthly fees.

  • *The monthly subscription contract renews automatically.
  • *Go here to cancel your contract.

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