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App for Mobile Devices CASIO ClassPad


App for Mobile Devices CASIO ClassPad

App with functions of ClassPad
fx-CP400 operated on mobile devices

CASIO ClassPad
  • FA-CP400-I1A  for iOS
  • FA-CP400-A1A  for Android

General features

Calculator app equipped with powerful CAS graphing calculator functions of the handheld fx-CP400

1Learning efficiency increases because even complex expressions can be easily viewed and studied on big displays such as tablet screens.

2Educational tool app with CAS functions operated offline from iOS/Android

In school, on the way to school.
Anytime, anywhere !!

3You can access the Internet and easily get any information you need for the effective app use, such as learning materials, how-to-use guides etc.

4App is compatible with all functions and operations of fx-CP400, so you can seamlessly switch between app and calculator.

5Allows operations that make the best use of tablet functionality, such as electrostatic touch panel and high speed operation CPU, etc.

Best App for studying Mathematics!!

Display of App

There are two types of display (Mobile Mode and Calculator Mode)

1Mobile Mode

Choose this mode when you want to use app on a bigger screen.
App will be displayed on the full screen of mobile devices.

2Calculator Mode

You can use this mode when you want to use app with the same feeling as a handheld calculator.
In this mode both viewing window and keyboard are displayed on the screen, as if you were looking at an actual calculator.

Free version and Subscription version

There are two types of CASIO ClassPad (Free version and Subscription version).

1Free version

You can use CASIO ClassPad free of charge.

The free version allows you to use functions such as basic calculations, graphs, and statistics, suitable for basic course of high school.
Experience the marvelous functions of CASIO ClassPad.

Basic Calculations

  • Linear equations
  • Linear inequalities
  • Quadratic equations


  • Linear equations
  • Linear inequalities
  • Exponential functions

Statistics Calculations

  • Statistics One-Variable
  • Statistics One-Variable

Statistics One-Variable

2Subscription version

Subscription version provides advanced functions such as Spreadsheet, Geometry and 3D Graph.
Experience the extensive functions of ClassPad on mobile devices in school & at home.

Graphing functions

Advanced functions

  • Spreadsheet
  • Geometry
  • Program
  • Computer Algebra System (CAS)
  • 3D Graph

We hope that after you will be satisfied with free version,
you purchase Subscription version.