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ClassPad II(fx-CP400) 

Intuitive Graph Control!

Pinch-in / pinch-out to change the zoom on a graph

There’s no longer any need to learn special controls to zoom in or out on a graph. Intuitive pinch-in / pinch-out control allows you to easily adjust a graph to exactly the display size that you desire.

  • Pinch-in
  • Pinch-out

Interface Allowing Free Control of Shapes

Addition of a slider function to the Graph / Geometry application

The control to freely change values allows you to learn their relationship with other values by freely changing shapes. Watching these changes take place in real-time will deepen your understanding of concepts and theorems.

A Deeper Level of Vector Study

A new function for solving vector equations

The inclusion of this function has greatly expanded the range of mathematics for which the ClassPad can be used.

Providing a Deeper Understanding of Mathematics

A function for drawing color 3-dimensional graphs

Use of the 3-dimensional graph drawing function allows for the depiction of more complicated graphs. Supports the study of topics such as “spheres” and “planes,” which can be difficult to understand from just a textbook or class notes.

A Deeper Understanding Through Images

Includes PicturePlot, a fun way to learn that involves creation of formulae through plotting on pictures

PicturePlot is an application that can impart the meaning and reasons behind the learning of mathematics, and draw out a deeper appreciation of the subject. It has also evolved, through the use of the touch panel, to become even easier to use.

Experience Mathematical Phenomena Through Animation

The PicturePlot application now also supports animation

The PicturePlot application on the ClassPad II supports animation. Experiencing mathematical phenomena through animation allows for a deeper understanding of its relationship with the causal formula.

A New Proposal in the Study of Differentials

An Interactive DiffCalc application that is focused on the study of differentials

An application that is designed specifically for the study of differentials, one of the main stumbling blocks encountered during the study of mathematics. The application proceeds through a sequence of screens, following steps for the learning or teaching of differentials, realizing a class that makes the subject very easy to teach or understand for both pupils and teacher.

Additional Support for the Sciences

The Physium application(Add-in) offers display of the Periodic Table and information on each element.

Includes the Periodic Table, used during the study of science.
The color screen is used to provide examples of each element being used.
The ClassPad II also supports the study of science.

*Physium application(Add-in) is not automatically installed when OS is updated.
Please download from here.

1Exam mode

This mode allows you to quickly prepare your calculator for exams.
This mode restricts access to memory, programs,
functions and applications,
so that these features would not be available during exams.

2E-CON3 Application

  • CMA CLAB Data-logger is supported.
  • E-CON is an application that is used to operate the Data Logger.
  • CLAB is the Data-logger (collecting the data via light, voltage, temperature sensor, etc )supported by CMA company.

(New)Version 2.01.2Calculation capability improvement